Community Care Licensing Complaint Web Page

Thank you for contacting Community Care Licensing. Your identity as a complainant is confidential. Unless you specifically request otherwise, neither the substance of the complaint provided to the licensee, or certified family home or resource family and foster family agency, nor any copy of the complaint or any record published, released, or otherwise made publicly available shall disclose your name as a complainant.

This form can be submitted anonymously. However, if you provide CDSS with any type of contact information, this allows you to receive further information from the local licensing office about the status of this complaint.

For questions about this webpage, please call 1-844-538-8766 or email

For more information regarding the complaint process, please see the Communication with Complainants FAQ(opens in new tab)

Example: resident, family member (e.g., son, daughter, parent), guardian, friend, facility or organization staff, medical professional, neighbor, etc.

If you do not know the address of the facility or organization please use this look up feature:
Facility Search Tool (opens in new tab)

A physical address must be provided to investigate your concerns. If you cannot determine the physical address of the facility, please call (844) 538-8766 or email Let Us No to submit a complaint.

(if known)

Our analysts can investigate your complaint more thoroughly when sufficient details are provided. Please include names, dates, witnesses, others who have knowledge of the concern, and any other relevant information.

Remember to include the “who, what, when, where, and how” regarding the incident. If known, include the name of the perpetrator, resident, or child and their location, such as their room number, classroom, unit, or wing number. All personal information provided is confidential and for internal investigation purposes only.

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Please attach any supporting documentation, photos, etc that may further assist with investigating your complaint. (To attach multiple files, click the first file and then hold the control key down and click on any additional files.)